Headteacher's Welcome

At ‘The Little Steps’, we believe in learning and teaching based on recognising, integrating and accepting diverse relationships between people, places and things.  We believe in forming meaningful relationships with our children, parent’s, whānau and caregivers’, and the local community through reciprocal interactions. 


We acknowledge and believe that all children should have the opportunity to gain knowledge and the understanding of the cultural backgrounds of both parties to
Te Tiriti O Waitangi.  We believe that a children’s learning primary learning environment is their home and value the importance of family and culture. 
We are a multi-cultural centre; we respect and acknowledge this through
greeting families in their language and respecting their cultural views.


As a team, we believe in empowering children through collaborative
interactions providing time and space to explore challenging, positive and
stimulating environment with resources to build and re-construct their knowledge, skills and ideas.    Play encourages children to investigate, create, discover to
become curious, and motivate them to challenge themselves to take risks. We value the empathy/affiliation/connectedness our children have with nature and support them in multiple ways to explore Mother Earth.

We strive for professional excellence in all that we do. To create a varied and enriching environment with quality teachers who strive to build strong positive relationships.

Kavita Bhatia

Centre Director

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