As a parent or caregiver, you’re welcome to visit, explore and ask questions about any aspect of our service. We suggest that you phone the manager to arrange a suitable time for both, as we can be very busy at certain times depending on our routine.
We operate an open door policy, where parents and family are welcome into the Centre at anytime. The New Zealand Early Childhood curriculum acknowledges that learning begins at home and therefore the knowledge, skills and attitude the child brings from his family and culture are the starting point for our curriculum.
We are registered with work and income and families can apply for child care subsidy subject to depending on their income.  Contact Work and Income for further information. Full payment of fees is the caregiver’s responsibility and will be required until a subsidy has been approved.
Parents should feel free to discuss any queries or problems with the Supervisor. A policy for dealing with complaints is displayed on the parent’s notice board. 

Information for Parents

Getting involved 

Work and Income Childcare Subsidy 

Concerns and Complaints