Our Curriculum

In our planning we follow children’s individual and group interests and respond to these in a creative and reflective manner.  We value children’s ideas and aim to foster the development of lifelong learning disposition. We aim to develop programmes to meet the children’s needs and therefore enhance individual development. Each child will be guided to develop at an individual pace according to his or her unique, individual way. Programmes are evaluated on a regular basis and are founded on the guiding principles of Te Whariki, the early childhood curriculum of the Ministry of Education. Children experience both, indoor and outdoor experiences to make sense of the world around them. We value free play as it is a child’s unique and natural way to learn about their world. We aim to provide opportunities for boys and girls to play freely regardless of any stereotype roles they may choose. We follow a routine as it gives children a sense of passage of time as they move through the day.

Enrollment & Fees 

Please feel free to come in and see us if you are interested in enrolling your child at ‘The Little Steps’. We will give you an information pack with enrolment information and be able to answer questions you may have.
Or send us a query at thelittlesteps@yahoo.co.nz